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  • Three year old gets lifesaving PTTR flight
    On March 17, three year old Reid LeBeau received a lifesaving flight from Pilots To The Rescue On March 17th, Pilots To The Rescue founding pilot Michael Schneider had the ....
    Pilots To The Rescue2019-05-01
  • Husky Needing Help Back to KY
    A husky pup was with a trainer in Texas, and the trainer said they’d be able to drive the dog part way back to Kentucky.  At the last minute, the trainer backed out.  Jim and ....
    Pilots N Paws2019-05-01
  • PAART Air Mission Rescues 17 bunnies
    17 Bunnies Tennessee Air Rescue Mission  17 Rabbits took to the skies on a unique mission to give hope to rabbits that were left hopeless. Pilot Pete Lehmann flew to Tennessee battling 50+ knot headwinds ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2019-04-30
  • Welcome Sven to the USA Rescued From China’s Meat/Fur Trade
    Welcome Sven to the USA Rescued From China’s Meat/Fur Trade. You’re safe & forever loved & PNP was honored to fly you home!  A horrific story with a heartwarming ending! I want to begin by ....
    Pilots N Paws2019-04-27
  • Freedom Flight 52 for Evie
    The vast majority of the flights we do are carrying dogs, but Kim and I are very much cat lovers, so when the opportunity to carry them pops up, we’re all over it.  This was ....
    Pilots N Paws2019-04-25
  • Landplane Rescue Mission – Dublin, VA – 4.23
    John and Chirstine Tortorella Family Foundation Saves 10 Dogs This post and rescue mission is in dedication to the John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation. This rescue mission would not have been possible without their ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2019-04-25
  • Trip Success
    We had a successful trip on Sunday March 17 to transport three dachshunds Fresno, CA to Salt Lake City, UT.   These dogs were in a shelter known to euthanize many animals.  They will get medical ....
    Pilots N Paws2019-04-25
  • Get to Know Us – Pete Lehmann
    Get To Know Us: Part 1 On a regular basis, the PAART Landplane and Airplane Pilots go to extraordinary lengths to extend a helping hand to dogs, cats, and other animals in need. Satisfaction to ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2019-04-24
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