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  • 19 Dogs For Charlie
    19 dogs have a second chance thanks to a sponsored mission in honor of a beloved friend and pet named Charlie. In his honor, PAART Pilots Brad Childs and Pete Lehmann, along with PAART Landpilots ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-12-15
  • 33 Dog Air and Land Rescue Mission
    33 dogs trapped by a huge snowstorm in the south were given a second chance thanks to a joint PAART Air and Land Rescue mission. PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Jonathan Plesset, along with PAART ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-12-11
  • 28 animal rescue mission
    8 dogs and 20 cats have a team of saviors watching over and helping them on their journey from Danger to Safety. PAART Landpilots Mark Britton and Megan Becer made the long journey to Florence, ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-12-10
  • 44th Freedom Flight
    45 makes 95! One of our Freedom Flights about 6 months ago took us to Phoenix with a senior Pittie named Rosie.   Rosie had a slew of health issues, but found a wonderful foster ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-12-10
  • 32 Animals for James Fair
    32 animals were flown from Danger to Safety by PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset, Pete Lehmann, Brad Childs, and Brian Moody. This mission took on special meaning as we did it honor of solider James Fair ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-12-09
  • 50 Dog Land Mission
    50 dogs made a second chance journey from danger to safety with PAART Landpilots Dennis Bayne and Val Jackson. This mission is a heartwarming example of the power of dedicated people like Dennis and Val ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-12-05
  • The Dodo Features PAART!
    We are honored that the The Dodo picked up our story. If you don’t already like their page, please do. Their stories of hope and love for animals are near and dear to our hearts. ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-12-04
  • Top Gun
    What does an Air Force Pilot do on his day off when he is not protecting our county? He helps give a second chance to 13 dogs whose only hope was a flight from danger ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-12-03
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