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  • More Puppies Head North
    5 more Lab Puppies fly North to Chicago Lab Rescue.   Leg 1, Columbia, MS to Madison, MS, pilot Barry. Leg 2, Madison, MS to Covington, TN, flown by Todd. Leg 3, Covington, TN to ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-24
  • Ellie and Her Babies
    Between storms and low ceilings and visibility due to moisture flowing in from the Gulf Coast, it had been a rash of non-flying weather in central Texas for several weekends.  A flight request came in ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-22
  • Red’s Return
    Meet Red.  Red had some separation anxiety in her new home, and unfortunately, where she was living the neighbors would not tolerate any sort of adjustment period.  As all good rescues do, Arctic Husky Rescue was ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-20
  • Two Bassets and a Beagle Baby
    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 2 Basset Hounds and 1 Little Puppy Leg 1 – Waco, TX to Covington, TN, Flown by Captain Ken Watts, NWA, DAL Leg 2 – Covington, TN to Alton, IL, Flown by Captain ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-18
  • Phenom Four – Make that Five
    A coordinator posted 2 pitties from Fort Stockton, TX to Dallas, TX and 2 others from Fort Stockton to Winona. Pilot, Victor contacted her and said he could help with the ones going to Dallas ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-16
  • FLIGHT to FREEDOM for Shelby with Frank Gulla
    While this was not my coordinated flight, I was at the airport for another flight for Pansy from the Bainbridge, Ga shelter and ran into pilot, Frank who flew Wilma for Bainbridge previously. HUGE SALUTE ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-15
  • FLIGHT to FREEDOM for Link/Tess with Scott n Katelyn
    HUGE SHOUT OUT to pilot Scott Mullins who flew Tess and Link from Bainbridge, Ga shelter to Friends of Strays Rescue in Tampa, Fl (HUGS Mari). HUGS to Katelyn Mullins (Scott’s daughter) who gave these babies ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-14
  • Mission 63
    April 8th 2018 Todd was able to combine flight training and a Pilots N Paws mission. Daniel Morrow was the student and was his first Pilots N Paws mission. They started our 63rd Pilots N ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-05-14
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