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  • The need to help animals never stops. Everyday thousands of animals are needlessly euthanized. PAART Landpilots Kate Blakley and Jim Moran were committed to changing that fact and have spent two days on the road ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2017-11-18
  • 14th and 15th Freedom Flights
    Derek and his wife Kim had a busy Pilots N Paws weekend.  They complete their 14th and 15th missions back-to-back.   The first day was with Sophie, in the back seat of their B55 Baron.  ....
    Pilots N Paws2017-11-18
  • Mission 56
    Todd and Mary Brooks sent in the following story on their 56th Mission:   September 24th, 2017 Todd and Tim Knueven started our 56th Pilots N Paws Rescue at Moontown (3M5) airport.  Weather was warm ....
    Pilots N Paws2017-11-15
  • 20 dogs get a second chance
    It really does take a village. 20 dogs woke up this morning safe and sound with a second chance thanks to PAART Landpilots Mindy Wirick and Jim Moran. Our friends at Healing Hearts Italian Greyhound ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2017-11-13
  • 3 More Dogs Leave AR for the CO Mountains
    I flew my plane from Covington, TN to Carlisle, AR to meet Donna Easley and friend. They had three rescued dogs going to Colorado. They were Peaches, Pumpkin and Olive. My flight was from Carlisle ....
    Pilots N Paws2017-11-12
  • Paige Leaves Little Rock
    Houston Collie Rescue wishes to thank pilot John Bonsell and your wonderful organization for flying collie Paige yesterday.  John flew Paige from Little Rock, AR to Addison, TX.  Paige was found as a stray in ....
    Pilots N Paws2017-11-09
  • Nate Gets Rescued
    Black Lab Nate got his rescue drive/flight today from Germantown, TN to Clarksville, TN. Nate will now make his way to an Indianapolis, IN rescue where they will find him a forever home. He was ....
    Pilots N Paws2017-11-06
  • Prison trained animals help Soldiers
    PAART is built on the importance of second chances. For animals, these rescue trips are an opportunity to be reborn. For people, its a reminder that by saving these animals we can make our lives ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2017-11-03
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