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  • Another Rescue Failure
    14 little beauties hopped on the new PAART Landplane full of hopes and dreams as they made the journey from our amazing friends at Wags 2 Riches Dog Rescue in West Liberty, Kentucky to our ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-07-17
  • 22 Dogs and 3 Little Pigs
    22 beautiful dogs and 3 little guinea pigs hitched a lifesaving ride today with PAART Landpilots Lisa Thomas and newbie Diane Fasciano who took off Friday for an 8am pick up on Saturday! Our friends ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-07-16
  • Michael Coyle’s First PNP Mission
    On June 23, 2018, my family finally flew our first Pilots N Paws mission after signing up a year before. My lame excuse for not doing one sooner is that the northern CA ones tend ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-07-16
  • Rescue Flight #81: ‘Ol Blue Eyes (x3)
    There is something mesmerizing about the sapphire blue eyes of a Siberian Husky, and these 3 pups I flew to safety on June 4th are a reminder animal overpopulation means any dog can end up in a ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-07-15
  • Cliff’s Much Needed Flight For Medical Care
    Cliff was a rescue that had been shot and needed to go on his Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to an orthopedic surgeon in Philadelphia, PA for treatment.  He was the sweetest dog!   We ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-07-15
  • 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe and Healthy
      Photo Credit: Unsplash 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe and Healthy Your dog is your best friend, so you want to do everything you can to keep your buddy safe. Potential hazards can ....
    Pilots To The Rescue2018-07-13
  • Orion Loved His Flight With PNP Pilot Sam Fink
    Orion was found abandoned in the Atlanta area, and scheduled to be put to sleep. He got rescued on what would have been his last day. He is now safely with Second Chance Habitat, in ....
    Pilots N Paws2018-07-11
  • 8000th Animal Rescued
    What if you could help 60 dogs find a second chance and could take them somewhere where they would have the best possible chance at becoming someone’s loving pet? Would you jump at the opportunity ....
    Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team2018-07-11
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